I came up with a basic layout that would help us meet both of our goals. We started every recipe page with a short backstory, which added a human-interest aspect and provided context for the recipe. To get these stories, I interviewed team members or asked them to write a short paragraph, which I edited.

Next came the recipe itself. I chose recipes that I saw people discussing on forums or ones that I thought had wide appeal. I’m no professional chef, but I am an adventurous one, and I often made the recipes at home after work.

I worked with the chefs on the kitchen team to write out additional instructions. These might include appropriate substitutions, where to find certain ingredients, how to present the dish, what to do if a component is not turning out as planned, etc.

Many of these recipe pages also included a short video. I oversaw video shoots and helped the chefs narrate them, at times writing out a script for them to follow.