Managing Editor


Project Overview

As a new purveyor of digital audiobooks, and competitor to Audible, Libro needed to reach listeners where they lived—online.


Problem Statement

Before Libro was ready to launch its program through independent bookstores, it was only able to sell audiobooks through its website. They wanted to create enthusiasm for their product while creating an indie vibe that would be attractive to both listeners and the independent bookstores they were hoping to partner with.



 I worked with Libro’s head of marketing and cofounder as well as Libro’s Creative Director, to develop a monthly newsletter. This highlighted Libro’s book of the month, unique content, and also relevant book news from other websites. This helped create an indie feel, much like a paper newsletter from your favorite independent bookstore.





Libro.fm now partners with more than 500 independent bookstores across the country, which sell their digital audiobooks.