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Judy Oldfield-Wilson

Stories are powerful. They demonstrate philosophy, functionality, and purpose through a handful of properly placed words. In my work, I strive to tell your story. The story of your brand. The story of your product. The story of your customers. Through short or long-form pieces, I craft the right story for the right need, enabling you to convey your message to your clients and customers.

I’ve spent the last several years of my career leading content teams to tell stories through the written word, new media, and social media.


My process for success

  1. Talk to you! Ask questions, listen to what you have to say, and take notes on our conversation for later use.
  2. Play with your product. This may be as simple as spending time going through your website, or it could mean tasting, touching, or playing with your product.
  3. Send you a draft. I give you an unfinalized draft(s) for feedback. You tell me if you like it or would like to see changes.
  4. Send you a finished piece. I finalize the draft and send it back to you.
  5. My goal is to help you help your customers. I believe in truth in advertising and that every brand has a unique story to tell.

Blog or Website Content


Blog or Website Content — Static pages or blog posts. These are usually anywhere from 150 words to 1,000 words.

  • Static pages might include team bios, FAQs, or About pages.

  • Blog posts may be updates about the community service your team has been involved with, new product announcements, tutorials, etc.

Example: Libro.FM

Example: Modernist Cuisine



I have been working on email campaigns my whole career, primarily using Mailchimp. These emails have gone out to tens of thousands of subscribers.

Example: Collateral Repair Project

Example: Libro.fm

Example: Modernist Cuisine


Social Media


I can create a robust social media plan for your company, which I can implement or you can use yourself. Plans select which social media platforms are best for you and your target audience, along with guidelines on how best to use each platform.


New Media


I work with or lead teams of editors and videographers to create videos, livestreams, and podcasts for your organization. I start with an overall concept and will script as necessary. These new media will update your brand with modern marketing strategies that people want to engage with.


My products

Short ad copy


Short Ad copy — Perfect for product descriptions, both online and in print. These are anywhere from a short phrase or headline to four sentences in length. They describe a product and urge the consumer to pounce on it.

Example: Alaska Seafood

Example: zulily


External Articles


You need to get your name or brand out there. Your PR guru has set up an opportunity for you to write an article about your field on a website or for a paper or magazine, but you need a little help getting there. I will help you execute your article. The depth of my help, and how hands on or off you are, is up to you.




I work on every aspect of online fundraising campaigns to ensure success.


My products



I work on everything from research to final edits to help secure large and small grants.

Example: Alaska Seafood


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