Modernist Cuisine


Online WriterManaging Editor


Project Overview

At Modernist Cuisine, I was in charge of all online marketing, including email. I used email for several different purposes, including releasing new content, announcements, and engaging readers.


Problem Statement

Before the cookbook’s release, there was tremendous buzz for it on the cooking forum eGullet. While we maintained a presence on there initially, we wanted to make modernistcuisine.com people’s go-to destination for cooking tips.

We also wanted to keep other purchasers of MC engaged with our brand.



Those who subscribed received new recipes in their inboxes as they were released. We also used emails to keep them updated with MC’s events and other offers, such as discounted offers from select retailers.





Signing the eGullet readers and other MC enthusiasts onto our mailing list kept them up to date and engaged with the book. The book went on to see multiple printings and the follow up book, Modernist Cuisine at Home was met with huge success upon release.