Collateral Repair Project


Director of Grants and Communications


Project Overview

I rant two major campaigns per calendar year at Collateral Repair Project as well as mini campaigns between them. Because CRP is located in Jordan, but an American NGO, fundraising was done almost exclusively online. End-of-year fundraising raised roughly 10% of CRP’s annual budget and was therefore of critical importance.

I utilized email, social media, podcasts, livestreams, and more during each campaign.



Problem Statement

As a grassroots organization, CRP relies heavily on individual donors, most of whom live in the United States and will never have the chance to visit Jordan or meet the beneficiaries CRP serves. With decreased international aid for refugees, CRP needed to grow. This meant finding new donors and increasing commitment from existing donors. Two key campaigns, during December and April, helped to ensure that CRP would keep growing.



Two months before the launch of a campaign, I sat down with CRP’s Executive Director and Director of Data and Marketing to define the campaign parameters, including start and end dates and goals. The Director of Data and Marketing and I then came up with a theme, taking into consideration time of year and current news trends. I presented the idea to our Pro Bono design agency who created a unique landing page to collect donations, and started creating and gathering assets, such as photos, interviews, and copy.

I set my team of staff and interns to work, creating unique copy for each week of the campaign (approximately 5 weeks). This started with the kick-off video, but also included other videos, testimonials from beneficiaries, blogs posts, and podcasts. We would feature these on our website and social media.

A few days before the launch of the campaign, I started working on emails that we would send throughout the campaign. Email was a very important way to connect with our donors, especially those not on social media.

During the campaign, I worked with our donor relations intern to respond to each donor and track donations. I frequently updated the landing page with fresh content and news about matching opportunities and our progress.





During my time at CRP, I doubled campaign giving and increased monthly donors by 65%.