Project Overview

Alaska Seafood hired me to create compelling print ad copy for canned salmon to run in fitness magazines. Faced with an unexpected surplus of salmon, they wanted to find a new market to purchase canned salmon.

In the end, I gave them two options to choose from:

You work hard. Reward your mind and body with delectable Alaska canned salmon.

The delicate character of canned salmon brings a refreshing taste that will invigorate your taste buds. Its meaty texture flakes apart under your fork into a tender, yielding bite. A succulent whole food, canned salmon blends well into any meal from salads to pasta, quinoa cakes to pizza, taking your training table to the next level. It’s full of potential. Just like you.



Each can packs in more vitamin B12, potassium and calcium than many popular canned meats and fish, rebalancing your electrolytes, preventing cramps and repairing your bone tissue with every mouth-watering bite.  Alaska canned salmon is a robust whole food.  The traditionally-packed style includes large chunks of salmon bursting with omega-3s and calcium-rich skin and fully-cooked bones. Both the skinless, boneless and traditionally-packed cans work beautifully in any meal from salads to pasta, pre or post workout.  It’s full of potential.  Just like you.