After an initial exploratory period, I proposed that the reporting needs be met through deploying a Tableau Server instance and providing the product owners with logins to their reports on Tableau Server.

My first step was to interview each of the business owners to understand their reporting needs and current report usage. Interviews were conducted in person and over email. In each case I found large areas of opportunity to streamline their workflow and improve their visibility into their business units.

My next step was to build data source and extract structures for their Tableau Server. I created and deployed 11 separate data source extracts that met the data needs for their reports. The data extracts were built flat to take advantage of Tableau Server’s optimized Data Engine while allowing maximum flexibility for further reporting requirements.

Using the direction from the interviews and the new data structure I was able to rapidly deploy the four dashboards. Before final deployment I met with the stakeholders again and reviewed the reports for accuracy and usability.