Each social media platform functions different, but it can all boil down to this: connect with people and share content. I shared articles from outside media as well as our own blog posts to further communicate our brand identity. I also followed bloggers and social users in our demographic (cooking enthusiasts). I reposted their content and responded to their questions.

  • Facebook: I shared photos of famous chefs who visited our kitchen, and posted our own blog content as well as links to traditional media who featured Modernist Cuisine.
  • Twitter: I connected with food bloggers, famous chefs, and food writers. I tweeted our blog content as well as links to articles about Modernist Cuisine. I also used Twitter as a way to field customers' questions and to show our appreciation of our customers who shared pictures of their food.
  • Pinterest: I created boards to feature our recipes and articles as well as articles from other sources that featured science or Modernist techniques. I also followed food bloggers and those who had created boards on techniques such as sous vide cooking.