Copywriter for daily ecommerce email focused on moms, babies, and kids.


Project Overview

zulily is a deal-of-the-day, ecommerce site for moms, babies, and kids. Every day during this contract, I wrote product descriptions for four to six different brands in this sphere, for the email that would be sent out the following day to zulily’s subscribers.



Fayreform saves full-busted women from the fate of boring bras. Building on their background in corsetry, Fayreform has worked to create beautiful pieces of soft satin for over 75 years. While they pile on layers of sheer lace, they never skimp on comfort or practicality. These bras in full cup sizes from D and up keep your bustline secure. We have matching panties for an extra special touch!
Double strollers can be a pain. Bulky and hard to steer, nobody is happy. The KinderWagon Hop Stroller ingeniously allows for two children without losing any maneuverability. A newborn to 40-pound child can sit or recline in the top deck in three different positions. The bottom deck holds little ones starting at six months up to 40 pounds and works in two different positions. With more to love including a quick-release five-point harness, adjustable wheels, compact umbrella fold that stands upright and more, this stroller makes an easy flow when you're on the go with kids in tow!



Problem Statement

While all of the brands and products that zulily sold were all geared towards moms, babies, and kids, they were often quite different. I might be writing about strollers one minute, and bras the next, only to turn around and write about tutus or toy trucks after that. All of these descriptions had to capture the uniqueness of each product while still adhering to zulily’s voice. And it had to be done quickly!



Because zulily shoots most of their photography themselves, we had product samples on hand. I would sit with a rack of clothing next to my dress, and watch the way the crêpe sleeve of a dress would move or the softness of a newborn’s outfit. If we didn’t have the product—which was often the case for larger items like strollers—I would go online to the brand’s website and look at pictures of it to get a feel for it.

Putting myself in the customer’s shoes helped me to keep in line with zulily’s voice and create compelling ad copy. I asked myself, “Why does this mom want this product?”

zulily’s voice brimmed with enthusiasm, and I used the excitement that new parents feel to underscore all product descriptions. Using an exclamation point in just the right place added that extra touch.






I wrote quickly and we never had to push a brand back because our descriptions weren’t ready on time.

zulily’s continued to grow while I was there and we received lots of feedback from parents about how much the liked zulily’s brand. So too, the brands we sold appreciated the effort we put into the descriptions of their products.